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About Bombshell Theatre Co.

Bombshell Theatre Co. is a non-profit organization dedicated to spotlighting local talent through extravagant theatrical storytelling.


BTC was founded by Milwaukee area performers Tim Albrechtson & Eric Welch as an effort to create professional opportunities for the richly talented theatre community, revive rarely told theatrical stories, and showcase the transformative power of hair & makeup. 

creating oppoRtunities

Invention is the mother of necessity. We at BTC noticed a pattern of gaps between local theatre productions and it had seemed that most theatres operate on a similar seasonal schedule. Our question was, what are the Actors supposed to do in the off-season? Get normal amounts of sleep and work on previously neglected relationships? No thanks. Thus Bombshell Theatre Company was born. We plan to be a project based theatre company that works on artistic endeavors during the usually theatreless times of the year. These projects are aimed to benefit many of the local talent feeling the same absence of artistic expression.

Reviving rarely told theatrical stories

Mamma Mia! BTC is determined to uncover forgotten stories of the past. While we do love modern day musicals, our hearts have been heavy thinking that the opportunity to see our classic favorites may never come. There are always timeless lessons to be learned and iconic characters to be cherished. While we won’t exclusively produce older or uncommon shows, we still have quite a few of them on our wish list!



We here at BTC worship the phenomenal power that Hair & Makeup provides for character development. Through collaboration with Kericters, we promise to make our actors and our audiences feel dazzled whether it’s a bombshell leading lady or purple evil sea witch. We will accept nothing less than stunning quality for our audiences.

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