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Our Spotlight Artist is our very own Jenny (Funny Girl), Anne Mollerskov! Catch her performance this Friday!


Funny Girl will be Anne’s first appearance with Bombshell Theater. She recently appeared in a sketch comedy musical, “Kringle Karol…the musical?”, with Racine’s Over Our Head Players playing a variety of roles such as a singing head of cabbage. Other credits include Muriel (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), Sister James (Doubt), Lucy (Avenue Q), The Witch (Into the Woods), Rona (Putnam Spelling Bee), Columbia (Rocky Horror), Marian (The Music Man), and Mabel (Pirates of Penzance). Anne worked as an elementary music teacher for fifteen years before switching lanes to be a paralegal with Racine County in 2017. Thanks to her husband of 16 years, Jay, for his love and support, and for enabling her theater habit.

Watch Anne's performance of "The Girls of Summer"

from the musical Marry Me a Little!

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