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Drunk Theatre: Murder at Crimson House

February 25th, 2022

7:30 PM


Performed at:

Inspiration Studios

1500 S 73rd St, West Allis, WI 53214

A kid's show for adults? The catch is that it will be drunk theatre. The actors participating will be required to have one drink prior to the show. During the show, audience members will be able to donate certain amounts of money to have the actors take a shot or have another drink. (Within limit.)

In this spoofy, musical murder whodunit, Hercules Porridge Jr., son of the famous Hoboken detective of the same name, just might solve the mystery. Or he might not.

Overcoming his ineptness to investigate the goings on at Crimson House, a seedy hotel where the guests pay outrageous rent for shoddy service, he discovers what they are actually paying is BLACKMAIL! Adding murder to the mystery, a corpse is discovered in the sitting room, and a beautiful secretary is done in by deadly orchid juice.

This is classic Tim Kelly at his best, full of eccentric characters, including mystery writer Anguish Crispie, a curious young man in safari attire, a strange actress, a crackpot colonel, and a directionally-challenged butler.

With a rousing and haunting score by the amazing Bill Francoeur, this campy private eye musical comedy is worth further investigation!

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